Chapter 12 Extra Credit

Use cardboard or some other rigid material (not paper) to build one of the following geometric solids.

1. triangular prism
2. pentagonal prism
3. hexagonal prism
4. triangular pyramid
5. rectangular pyramid
6. pentagonal pyramid
7. hexagonal pyramid
8. cone

Please note that a rectangular prism and a cylinder are not acceptable solids


1.  Carefully and accurately sketch a net of your intended solid on paper.  It must be drawn to scale.
(make sure you measure all lengths and angles accurately!!) 

2.  Use the net as a guide to cut out your cardboard.

3.  Fold and connect your cardboard net into a solid. (probably with tape)

4.  Show the calculations for the total surface area and volume of the solid on a separate report along with the name of the solid and also give all of the dimensions of the solid.


You can earn up to 15 points based on the complexity, accuracy and neatness of your final object.  You must turn in the cardboard object AND the original paper net that you created along with the report paper naming the solid and showing the calculations of the total surface area and volume of your solid including the dimensions.

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