Internet in Education Workshop Outline


I.                   Introduction to the Internet

A.               Address Bar, Menu Bar, Navigation

B.                Search Engines

1.     Go to and use the 6 search engines at the top to do a search for a generalized math topic.  Note how many hits each site gets.  Save any good sites to favorites.

2.     Refocus the search by using mathtopic+additional parameter.

II.                Assessment Sites

A.               Go to and look through the assessment sites listed.

B.                Go to and check out some more assessment sites.

III.             Lesson Plans

A.               Go to and choose a search engine (or choose your own favorite).

B.                Do a search of yoursubject+lesson plans.  Save any good ones as favorites.  Print out two of them.

IV.            Scavenger Hunts

A.       Introduce Scavenger Hunts

B.      Go to and complete the Math Resources Scavenger


C.         Go to and try some of the scavenger hunts listed.

D.         Go to a search engine and do a search on yoursubject+scavenger hunt.  Save any good ones to favorites.

V.               WebQuests

A.               Introduce WebQuests

B.                Go to and read through this Linear Regression WebQuest

C.               Go to and read the WebQuest on 3D Geometry.